We are a French Tango group located in Paris. We chose our name as a tribute to General Manuel Belgrano, one of the founding fathers of Argentina who's ideals were inspired by French revolution. We consider that the society choices that were made then in Argentina, made possible the Tango we experience today in all its universality!


We have all been in the tango for a while, dancing, playing, organizing milongas, teaching the dance... so this is pretty much what we do.


The repertoire of Belgrano is 1000% dancable. We play traditionnal themes that we enrichen with our own compositions and some songs of the French musette repertoire that we play in the argentian style.


In some occasions, we will work on differents formats. We are already studying the opportinuty of a cuarteto and the possibility to add a singer.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any information !

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The Musicians who usually intervene in Belgrano are :


Serge Amico : A wonderful bandoneon player and multi-instrumentist who played in the Grand Orchestra of Juan-José Mosalini as well as in Gotan Project and many others... his name is linked to the history of Tango in Paris!


Turquito : Decided to combine his guitar skills in his milonga in the year 2003, has been trained by the best tango guitarists and has been playing in various formations ever since until he met the realy chemistry with Belgrano. El Turquito organizes milongas, events, is a senior tango instructor and DJs.


Louis Galliot : A young and tanlented bass palyer gifted with an absolute ear ! He can spend a whole night on a simple measure if he doesn't feel it is quite what he wants. He has also a sound engenieer degree in the CNSM of Paris, the top reference in France!

Ariane Rouland : A lead singer who has a music degree from conservatory as a pianist and as a lyric singer. She began her carreer as a jazz singer and later gor involved into tango that she first discovered through the dance. She assistant tango instructor in Fuego de Tango.

Even if you don't have any equipment, we do ! We can even provide a fully operational sound system, microphones, cables... we do make a difference.