1) We provide good music

 We are a team, with many many hours of work individually and together, permanently questioning and improving our arrangements through the time. Our musical intentions and directions are coordinated creating a more powerful and enhanced listening and dancing experience. Though we can appreciate a good improvised encounter, we choose to play as one rather than to perform as a reunion of "soloists". This doesn't mean that we cannot define moments of freedom to create contrasts, in the contrary but we simply try to deliver something united and musically coherent. We focus on a traditional Tango repertoire enhanced by some intrusions of tangos sung in French like it happened with Raphaël Canaro's orchestra at the grande époque ! We offer a specific, authentic, and moreover, danceable Tango experience.

2) Great musicians

The lead bandoneon Serge Amico has been playing in groups such as the grand Orchestra of Mosalini, Gotan Project, Gustavo Gancedo's Cuarteto. The rest of the musicians have a very strong background in the field of Tango. You can find everyone's resumé here. Tango is our lives and not a caricature. The play is natural and visceral ! Our motto is "don't pretend, just play to kill" !

3) We can perform nearly anywhere and everywhere !

 With a bandoneon, a guitar, a double bass and a voice, our structure is totally nomadic. Weather you want us in a concert hall or outside in a place with without any electricity, we are a born ready, plug and play orchestra ! 

4) We dance too

The saying "El que toca nunca baila" (the one who plays never dances) doesn't apply to us. Some of us have been teaching tango for decades, organizing milongas, and Dj'ing around the world. 3 out of 4 of the musicians are dancers who met in milongas.

5) We provide graphic tools to help you promote your event

 In our understanding, the best orchestra in the world is nearly worthless if it doesn't help to promote your event and to generate the income you need to generate an added value. Our website contains pictures and audio samples that we think are fitted to create good quality visuals and we can provide extra material and assistance in order to allow you create the best visual you need for the event.

6) We can also back your communication up within the dancers community

As tango event organizers in Paris, we have access to many community mailing lists, facebook groups etc. to help to build the awareness around your event.

7) We have equipment

Are you tired of musicians who don't event have the microphones fitting to their instruments ? Well it isn't our case. Not only do we have the microphones, cables,  but we have several sound systems that can be fitted to a tango ball for up to 200 persons. We even have battery generated PA systems and special mixing tables where there is no electricity.

8) We have highly skilled sound engineers in our team

Our double bass, Louis Galliot is not only a remarkable musician, he is also graduated sound engineer from CNSM of Paris, considered to be the best music school  in France. 

9) We answer promptly

Weather we are available or not, we know you want answers fast, that you are on a tight schedule to start promoting your events. We have specifically designed an internal process via internet just to make this step as fast as it possibly can. We may answer "yes" or "no" but we answer quickly.

10) We have great DJ's and tango instructors in our team

El Turquito, has been teaching tango since the year 2002 to thousands of students in Paris and many other cities. Some of his students are well renown dancers. He is also a world class tango DJ and the creator of the Tango 4 DJ battle where each DJ must guess the orchestra and the period, of the leading DJ of the tanda, each one as his/her turn... These extra skills can be used to cut expenses and generate other sources of income.


We hope this exposé will convince you that you will not just choosing us for our glamorous looks and our sense of humor. Because this would be the 11th reason  :D

See our presentation.